Frequently Asked Questions

What does Ganderland & Associates, Inc. do?

Ganderland & Associates, Inc. is an actualization company committed to bringing new innovations in health and wellness to the consumer market. Products may include new medications, new medical instruments, new treatment modalities, etc.

What is an “actualization” company?

An actualization company is an entity that brings concepts, inventions, and products to the market from various points in their realization. Ganderland & Associates, Inc. may substantively assist in bringing health and wellness products to people living with different types of health compromise.

What makes Ganderland & Associates, Inc. different from a licensing agency?

Our goals. Although licensing agencies and Ganderland & Associates, Inc, share many of the same attributes, our goals are what differentiate us. Our actualization company is dedicated to work closely with inventors to realize their (health and wellness) innovations. This means that the efforts of Ganderland & Associates’ team and our partners at Target Health, Kohn & Associates, and Ruffa & Ruffa are prepared to offer intellectual property protection, regulatory preparation, funding strategies, and assistance with clinical trials, toward the goal of market or licensing readiness, while the goal of most licensing agencies is to broker a license agreement between the inventor and the company that will bring the invention to the market. The other goal that differentiates our actualization company from typical licensing agencies is that our focus at Ganderland & Associates, Inc., is on changing healthcare by focusing on bringing new paradigms in health and wellness to the market.

What is Ganderland & Associates, Inc. currently working on?

Ganderland & Associates, Inc. is currently working on patenting and preparing a new medication for people living with multiple Sclerosis. The inventor, Fabrizio De Silvestri has lived with Multiple Sclerosis for greater than 20 years. Mr. De Silvestri has invented a new drug that challenges current paradigms in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. We are pleased to be involved in this project that promises to deliver an effective disease modifying drug with fewer side effects, to people living with the disease. Ganderland & Associates, Inc. has applied for the patent, arranged for meetings with regulatory agencies, and even developed the drug protocol for the drug candidate.

What’s next?

Ganderland & Associates will be providing the same services for another medication that will change the way that we currently treat Rheumatoid Arthritis.