About Us

Dr. Georgianna Land, Chairperson of the Board, President:

Georgianna is a retired professional with a PhD in Policy, Planning and Higher Educational Administration and brings over 40 years of solid organizational, administrative and managerial experience to Ganderland & Associates, Inc.  Georgianna also shares her experience to the Homo & Natura Universita Poplare, Multiple Sclerosis Research Center in Terni, Italy.  She has a variety of experience in administration, organizational development and global intergovernmental relations and she recently served as a Franklin Fellow and Foreign Affairs Officer at the US Department of State in the Office of the Special Representative for Global Intergovernmental Affairs.

Dr. Nicholas J. Anderson, Chief Executive Officer:

Nick is a retired US Army Colonel with a PhD in Organization and Management.  He has served in a variety of assignments in the United States and overseas.  He has over 35 years of management and leadership experience as a military officer, state government executive, and corporate consultant.

Felice Jones-Lee PhDc, VP, Clinical Operations:

Felice is a former Associate Executive Director at North Shore-LIJ,  Southside Hospital. She was responsible for the leadership of Quality Management, Regulatory Affairs and Language Access Services.  She is a Registered Professional Nurse and is completing her PhD in Sociology, with a specialization in Medical Sociology, Social Psychology and Inequality.  As a regulatory professional, she has lectured on the Healthcare Decision Act, the Affordable Care Act, as well as other areas of healthcare and healthcare policy.

Dr. Kenneth I. Kohn, Senior Advisor:

Ken is an IP (Intellectual Property) attorney with over 30 years’ experience.  Ken is also an executive and advisor to five other start-up companies in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and automotive industries.  Ken has excellent relationships with the pharmaceutical and investment communities.  He is a PhD in Pharmacology and Immunology from Wayne State University Medical School and has coached high school basketball for over 25 years.

William Ruffa Jr., Legal Advisor:

Bill has guided entrepreneurs and small businesses through all phases of their operations from start-up through public offerings and has participated as a principal in several companies.  His practice focuses on capital raising, stakeholder exit transactions and day-to-day corporate operations.  Bill brings a depth of experience and pragmatism to our company necessary to achieve our goals.

Jules Mitchel, Regulatory Advisor: 

Owner of Target Health, Inc., a New York City CRO, over 30 years’ experience managing FDA trials for large and small corporate clients.